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Riots in the UK

So, here on the Little Island, the hooded monsters have finally arisen from the depths of the council estates and wreaked a vicious, sad, destructive and ultimately pointless vengeance. I say ‘finally’ because this mayhem was on the cards at … Continue reading

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Travels on a London bus

I like traveling by bus in London. Especially on the upper floor of a double-decker. You get wonderful views of the surrounding streets, see people feeding the pigeons in parks. You see into shops. You get to take a quick, … Continue reading

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What’s up with us in the UK. And real TV drama.

I watch with interest the machinations of our present coalition government as they attempt to re-order the finances and fortunes of UKplc. I suspect their antics will prove fruitless. Like all governments they seem obsessed with getting back more or … Continue reading

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