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Is there a point to all this? (2)

  The following is based on my own personal experience. It may work for others  – I hope it does. But it may not – as Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the world’s revered spiritual masters, warned – “Truth is a … Continue reading

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Sai Baba – the aftermath

This is Part 7. Follows on from ‘Goodbye to Sai Baba. Or was it?’ on October 5th So we all waved au revoir to Sai Baba and Puttaparthi, packed our bags, climbed aboard a British Airways 747 in Mumbai and … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Sai Baba. Or was it?

This is Part 6. Follows on from ‘Sai Baba and the Power of Silence’ on September 6th. And so the 50th birthday celebrations wound slowly down. Over two or three days, the  crowds diminished and the atmosphere calmed. Our job … Continue reading

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Sai Baba and the power of silence.

This is Part 5. Follows on from ‘The 50th Birthday of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’ on August the 5th. The following day – the birthday celebrations ran over a number of days – among the things which Baba was scheduled … Continue reading

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