Albatross – or Here we go again!

So here we go again. Light a fire-cracker! We’re into another New Year. Though why we insist on calling this period the start of a year I’m not sure. After all, nothing’s really ‘started’, has it? One day follows the next and the next and the next and so on for ever and ever – so each and every day is, realistically, the start of a new year. If you want to look at it that way. But I guess you’ve got to have some sort of general rule about when a year starts and when an old one ends. Else there’d be mayhem around the globe. Of which there is plenty anyway, though that sort of mayhem has not so much to do with when a year starts or ends as with the wholesale mess which we, as a species, seem intent on making of this extraordinary, beautiful world we inhabit. I don’t blame it for fighting back – floods, tempests, rising sea-levels, landslides. Maybe we’re about to be taught a lesson or two. And we don’t teach easy – so we could be in for trouble.

So anyway – here, at the start (or thereabouts) of this particular New Year I’m returning to my blog which I put to one side three years ago in order to spend my writing time writing a novel. Which – is now done! Its title is ‘Albatross’. OK, writing a novel’s hardly news these days – almost everyone’s writing something or other – poetry, novels, criticism, tweets, porn, rubbish. Why is it, I wonder, that writing has become such a thing to do? When I was at school – which is going back a bit – and I announced to a couple of friends that I was going to be a writer ‘when I grow up’, I was met with incredulous grins.

Maybe, as a society, we are finding within us an unconscious need to unburden ourselves. From what? you ask. Well, where to begin? Take a look around. It could be I’m an old cynic but our society today has about it the marks of a thing struggling to stay on its feet while actually falling apart from the inside. We’re all at war with each other, and at every level – international, national, social, domestic, personal. What is our problem? For sure as hell we have one! How about – the dispossessed and desperate are washed up out of the sea and we put up razor wire to keep them out. No good can come of this.

But I have to restrain myself! This is about MY BOOK! A book whose title is ‘ALBATROSS’ – subtitle – ‘the scent of honeysuckle.’ If you’d like to read it – and please do! – here is the link to it –

The blurb on the back cover (a cover I designed and executed myself) tells you what it’s about – at least enough, I think, to make you want to buy it or not. So all I’ll say here is it’s about a man’s troubled and eventful search for the son he abandoned when the boy was a small child. The child’s absence in his life begins to haunt him to the point where he feels compelled to give up marriage, career, everything he’s ever achieved in order to find this boy.

Elsewhere in this blog –

– I’ve written of my own experience of living without a father. It’s sadly all too common these days. I hope most of all that ‘Albatross’ is a good read. But it would also be good if in some way it helped any absentee father and/or any child trying to navigate life without a father.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting – among other things – excerpts from ‘Albatross’ here on this blog. It won’t be the whole book – it’s almost 400 pages – but the selections will be in chronological order. I’ll be putting the first one up next week. Stay tuned!




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