Ruby rebuilds her reputation

We’re going to make another attempt to go away for the weekend, my woman and I. It gives Ruby a chance to make up for the disappointment she visited on us last week. I feel sure she’s only too keen to rebuild her reputation. So tomorrow – Saturday – with a bit of luck and a following wind,  with no immobilizer to hold us back, we shall pack the bird-books and the gin and head for the coast. ‘White cloud’ is forecast for the area. No sun. So be it. We need a break. London’s a wonderful city for many reasons, but not included among them is its freedom from vehicle fumes, noise, police sirens and aircraft turning into their final approach to Heathrow just beyond the kitchen window of this flat.We shall – and I hope I’m not tempting fate as I clearly was this time last week -find a Caravan Club site in an idyllic rural spot with hot showers, a toilet block and mains electricity which we feed into a socket in Ruby’s flank. We will then relax, have a gin and tonic, commune with nature, watch the birds and see the sea in which W will paddle. She is an inveterate paddler in seas.

So au revoir, Blog. If anybody out there is reading this – think of us. I’ll be back.


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