What’s up with us in the UK. And real TV drama.

I watch with interest the machinations of our present coalition government as they attempt to re-order the finances and fortunes of UKplc. I suspect their antics will prove fruitless. Like all governments they seem obsessed with getting back more or less to the status quo ante. Go for it, boys and girls of Westminster – we’ve hit the buffers before, and I don’t doubt we’re on course to do it again.

The trouble is there is no real vision. Where are the politicians of gravitas and stature – the Nye Bevans, the Clement Attlees, the Churchills? We are in the time of Little Men. (And women too). There is no stomach for confronting the real problems afflicting Western industrialized society which, it seems to me, is up a one-way street going sideways. Ever more money, ever more acquisitions, and despite our recent humbling at the hands of the financiers and their government minders, still the tacit belief that somehow the more we acquire, the more we have, the more freedom and choice we have, then that way lies the promised land. And yet we see ever more debt, ever more anger on the street, ever wider the division between the haves and the have-nots, we see old people being abused on an almost national scale in care homes, we’re treated on TV to heart-rending scenes of wild, extreme drunkenness among young people (how sad is that?) we have violence in schools and an education system which is falling apart. There is a widespread and growing disillusionment. There is massive lack of faith in our politicians – deservedly. And a sneaking sense that somehow this is not, for Chrissake, the way it should be. You’d think we’d stop, stand still and think hard. But we don’t. The lessons of history? What are they?

Enough. A friend of mine has a blog. Please take a look at it. This is where you can find it –


He is one of the nicest and most perceptive people I know. He is also blind. Sadly, he very recently lost his beloved guide dog. He’d had her for five years and is still suffering somewhat from the loss.

Finally – last week the Danish crime thriller, ‘The Killing’ on BBC4 came to an end. Twenty fantastic episodes of a drama which gripped like a vice. There is nothing to compare with that made in the UK. The level of professionalism in the production, the acting and the writing was brilliant. (I believe the Beeb will be screening another twenty episodes later this year). They’d spent the money, taken the time and the end product was one of the best things I’ve seen on the box for years. Apart that is, from the sub-titled Swedish (the Scandanavians do it so very well) versions of ‘Wallander’. But now we have the French ‘Spiral’ back for another series. That too is wonderful and full of real characters, some of whom you really wouldn’t want to know. It is horribly believable and hits you like a steam-hammer. I’ve given up on British TV. Apart from the football.

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